Voters will make their own decisions

“May you live in interesting times” goes the old Chinese saying.
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We are about to welcome Tony Abbott and John Howard, two failed prime ministers, to the New England to support the re-election of their favourite “retail politician”: whatever that term means.

Too often, regional Australia sees “city slicker” pollies with little concern for their problems when in power, “strutting their stuff” come election time.

As if “country bumpkin” voters are too uneducated politically by half, and these visits are needed to guide their decision making.

There can be a “cultural cringe”, with the affection of RM Williams’ garb, up to broad-brimmed hats, to convince us that they are really one of us.

The voters of New England will make their own decisions in due course and are very wary of patronising campaigning by majorparties.

And, as the Demtel ads on TV say, “there’s more”.

Maybe a FIFO cameo visit by Gina Rinehart as a gesture ofsupport.

PRC Wakeford


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