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I’Ma believer in looking after our own first,so what isthe government doing bringing in 12,000 Syrian refugees for humanitarian reasons?Well, what about humanitarian reasonsfor our own homeless first?Howabout we halveforeign aid spend it at home on hospitals and schools instead of feeding and housing people overseas?
Nanjing Night Net

Wayne Ridley,GatesheadI SEE the Knights are playing the West Tigers on Sunday and are wearing their hi-visorange jersey, the same as last season when they wore it against the Tigers, whose main colour is orange. I don’t get it.

Colin Geatches,MayfieldIN response to ‘Hello cockie’ (Topics, 5/4), I can’tunderstand why the cockatoos would want to move into the city. They should come and join the hundreds of corellas in Warners Bay andEleebana.They arrive with an almighty screech in October and then, with with a mighty flurry of wings in April,they are gone again, leaving a carpet of feathers on the paths of Warners Bay. Where do they come from, and better still where do they go in April? I counted 102 birds around my daughter’s horse paddock recently, both cockatoos and corellas. Funny thing the cockatoos don’t depart with the corellas. You either love them or hate them.I love the sulphur crested cockatoos.

Olwyn Edmonds,EleebanaIN response to “Hello cockie” (Topics, 5/4), theground staff at Arthur Edden Oval put a bird kite up withfishing line, and I havenot seen a cockatoo since. It’sbeen up about a month.Ground staff sow grass seeds andcockies and other birds eat it.

Edward Akerman,LambtonIT seems that people are now coming to realise what some of us have always known – that just like last time he led the Liberals, Malcolm Turnbull is a dud.

Jim Gardiner, New LambtonTHE POLLSAre you happy with the light rail plan details?

Yes 56%,No 44%Should there be a kangaroo cull in the Hunter?

Yes 64%,No 36%Should the Hunter take more refugees?

Yes 22%,No 78%Should incumbent councillors take up roles after the mergers?

Yes20%,No 80%Will Tariq Sims’ return prove the difference for the Knights?

Yes 74%,No 26%Is planning for the freight rail corridor taking too long?

Yes 91%,No 9%Should Australia revisit an emissions trading scheme?

Yes 52%,No 46%, Unsure 2%Does the Hill to Harbour course rank among the best?

Yes 74%,No 26%

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