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A FRESH produce market at Maitland is an excellent proposal and a return to the days of the earlier Maitland Markets (‘Mayor cautious about produce market’, Herald, 2/4).It is an essential facility for Maitland and for our Lower Hunter Region.For our best health, we all need fresh fruit and vegetables, we do not need supermarket produce squeezed from farmers at ridiculously low prices, picked too early to retain the semblances of ripeness, or imported from around the world.The comments by Mayor Blackmore are completely inappropriate from a region which has always produced excellent fresh produce.

David Stewart, Newcastle EastIT hashappened.I’m down the rabbit hole andwith the program.We’ll pay heaps on shiny new Defence toys so we can’t afford health andeducation improvements. We’ll bash the unionsbut reward those nice banks andbig corporations for their wealth-siphoning deals. We’ll write off millions as bad debts because people can’t afford their higher education loans, while we cut university funding andgo for fee deregulation. We’ll keep on trashing TAFE so we can play the scandal plagued vocational education sector game.I’m there. Why can’t the premiers get it?

Lorraine Yudaeff,Fern Bay.WAYNE Ridley (Short Takes, 6/4) asks “what is the government doing bringing in 12,000 Syrian refugees for humanitarian reasons?”. The short answer –the right thing.

Glen Coulton, Marmong PointWITH the hike in private health insurance going through the roof, I remember the good old days when you could claim it on your taxation. I believe it also applied to your superannuation.

Daphne Hughes, KahibahIF they build a freight bypass at Hexham maybe they could put the new Newcastle tram out there too. That way it wouldn’t be blocking the traffic and you could go from one end of town to the other almost as quick as when we had a train.

Ed Matzenik, MaitlandTHEpromise of light rail in Newcastle is a myth. The government is going to change hands twice before anything happens, withmany more dollars in consulting fees spent. All we need is someone smart enough in government to work out it would have been more cost effective to leave the heavy rail .

Alan Hicks, MayfieldWHAT’Sthe go with all this “previous government” rubbish?Don’t care what happened before, you’re in government now just sort it out.P.S. How much fun are the trams going to be in 2019? A journey to nowhere. Thanks Bairdy

Darryl Horne,Waratah​THE POLLSAre you happy to lose parking in the city for the light rail line?

Yes 30%,No 70%Would you rather shop at local markets than supermarket stores?

Yes 89%,No 11%

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