Parents give evidence at missing son’s inquest

Kyle Coleman’s mother Sonia (facing away from camera) is escorted away from Mount Isa Coroner’s Court.PARENTS Robert and Sonia Coleman gave evidence to the inquest of their son Kyle at Mount Isa,both saying they wanted answers to his disappearance.

Kyle Coleman was never seen again after he went on a hunting expedition on February 21to Undilla Station with friend James Coleman (no relation), who himself committed suicide a few days afterwards.

James Coleman told Kyle’s parents that they had abandoned the trip due to floodwaters and returned to Mount Isa late that night where they were drinking before he said Kyle walked home.

Sonia Coleman said the first she knew of Kyle’s disappearance was a text she received from James on the afternoon of February 22which said “Hey old girl, what’s Kyle up to, can’t get hold of him?”

Mrs Coleman said it was not unusual to get a text from James asking about Kyle but this was unusual as she thought Kyle was with James.

She told the coroner that Kylewould always contact her if he was staying the night somewhere different.

“It is very out of character for him (Kyle) not to ring me,” Mrs Coleman said.

When she and her husband went over to talk to James, he repeated the story about Kyle walking home and his girlfriend Toni-Lee Sabin asked him (James) why he didn’t wake her up to get her to drive him home.

Mrs Coleman said they spoke again with James Coleman on the Sunday morning but this time he was unresponsive.

Father Robert Coleman contacted police after that meeting on the Sunday to report Kyle as missing.

Robert Coleman told the court that the explanation of events James Coleman gave him did not match up with police statements.

Robert Coleman saidJames told police they had ventured deeper into Undilla Station and did not initially turn back due to flooding.Instead they went to a campsite where they lit a fire and took shots at trees.

“I had warned Kyle beforehand that alcohol and firearms don’t mix,” RobertColeman said.

Robert Coleman said he and the station owner had subsequently found charred remains of a watch that Kyle wore at the fire site and they also found spent .303 calibre shells and evidence of a tree that had been shot at.

Mr Coleman told the coroner he believed his son was killed at the campsite but his remains might never be found due to the wild dogs, cattle and other animals that live in the area.

A police ballistics expert also gave evidence saying there was no evidence of human remains at the fire site and the fire would have needed to be extremely intense to burn all of the human matter.

The case continues.

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