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DESPERATE TIMES: Letter-writer William McIlwain questions Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s economic priorities.Politicians’ double standardsSo this is how the story goes, according to Scott Morrison.
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Malcolm Turnbull “called the premiers’ bluff”last week in offering them to control more of the collection of tax revenue.

In other words, he was playing five-card stud with billions of our tax dollars just to see who would blink first.

If Malcolm is, firstly, keen to unload the burden of collecting taxes to the statesand, secondly, is adamant we should all live within our means, I have another thought bubble he and his colleges may like to ponder for the good of the populace –let us rid ourselves of the extravagance of a federal parliament.

Think of the savings, just in taxpayer funded helicopter trips to Geelong and taxpayer-funded plane flights for nibbles at Gina’s.

The saving possibilities are endless.

Everyone knows we are over-governed anyway, and putting an end to all those retirement perks alone would fund Gonski.

We have a political system now that treats education and health as a burden on the budget bottom line, then has the gall to spout the way of the future is “innovation”.

Innovation without education is just day dreaming.

The double standards of our politicians is staggering.

When you think that committing Australia’s taxpayers to nearly $18 billionto a lemon like the F-35 jet, with a proposed $1 trillionover the life of the plane in maintenance costs, just beggars belief.

I may not vote for any political party, if I vote at all, but I am a “positive participant”in that I am a taxpayer, and it does concern me that politicians whose loyalties lie with their donors, and have the support of less than 50 per centof the population, can justify some zealot in a uniform getting a new toy to kill people he will never pretend to understand, and quibble as to whether my grandchildren get a decent education.



Plant a saving graceReferring to Emma Kealy’s letter,in which she wants a pipeline laid from the de-sal water plant, I can remember quite clearly all the Nationals saying that the de-sal water plant was a total waste of money and the costs of running it were far too much for Victoria.

Little did they realise that that de-sal plant could be the saving grace of Victoria as the water levels in all areas go down without much rainfall.

Emma Kealy, your National Party was in governmentjust before this present government – why then did your National-Liberal coalition state government not put in a pipeline as you want to the Wimmera?Please answer the question because you spend so much time slamming this present government when your party hasbeen in up here for over 40 years.

Emma, you should be congratulating the Labor premier of this state for taking on the inquiry into domestic violence and acting on it, you should also be congratulating the premier forretaining the Safe Schools project, because there were enough suicides by young peopleto warrant it being retained and bullying stopped.

These are only some of the things this premier has done so far, so what have you done?You still have not apologised for misleading the public over the Overland.You need to speak for everyone and not for your beloved National Party.

So now you realise that there is going to be a water shortage, you should pick up the phone and talk to the premier without putting him downbecause I’m sure he listens to everyone,that’s why the de-sal water processing plant was built.

So many people slammed it because there is no doubt it will be needed, even by the the people who did not want it.



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