Gender plays no part in a strong flair for the dramatic

Think women are more dramatic than men? A US study has found gender plays no role in whether or not a person has a need for drama in their life, although some people definitely do need more drama than others.

In a paper published inPersonality and Individual Differences, researchers from the University of Texas have determined that men and women are equally likely to have a “need for drama”.

The study involved 500 volunteers, sourced from the student body and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk forum, who were asked to rate how closely they identified with statements including “people often talk about me behind my back” and “I feel like there are people in my life who are out to get me”.

One of the study’s lead authors Scott Frankowski said he decided to investigate dramatic tendencies after he realised a certain co-worker’s life seemed to continually be in crisis (which the co-worker continually needed to talk about).

“She was really cool, and fun to chat with, but I was like, how is your life just this cycle of crisis?” Frankowski toldScience of Us.”It was minor stuff, but it was just taken to a whole other level.”

While gender did not play a role in how highly someone scored on the study’s “need for drama” scale, there were some traits which indicated that a person might be overly dramatic.

The analysis showed a correlationbetween a high score on the “need for drama” scale and impulsiveness, suggesting that people with high drama lives are opinionated and act without thinking.They also tended to see themselves as the victim in any situation.

“High NFD individuals seem to see the world as happening to them,” the paper reads, “which likely makes them reactive to perceived slights.”

– Fairfax Media

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